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Custom Anniversary badges to honor and commemorate your department's history.

A treasured keepsake and memento for your next historical milestone!

Full service from design to delivery, and customized to build morale and positivity within your department!

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Our Products

Sun Badge Company is a custom manufacturer of police, fire and security badges and offers a complete badge repair service. Unlike other major badge companies, we will repair badges from any U.S. manufacturer. In addition to badges, we also offer a complete line of cap pieces, leather products, miniatures, belt buckles, medals, and insignias.


What materials do you use?

Our badges are die struck from Siltone or Suntone metal, unless precious metal is required. These metals are milled for Sun Badge Company and have been chosen for their purity, color, and durability. These metals have excellent polishing, stamping, and soldering qualities. All badges and related ancillary products are solid back and not plated unless otherwise requested. Our suntone metal has a lustrous 14 K gold color and our siltone metal has a rich sterling silver color. Unlike surface plating, these colors permeate throughout the product material.

Our leather products are manufactured from the very highest quality American vegetable tanned leather and are assembled using nylon thread. All product sides are polished to give an extremely finished look.

What is cloisonne enamel?

Hard fired cloisonné enamel, unless otherwise specified, is used at Sun Badge Company as our color fill.Cloisonné is a glass and enameling is an art in which colored glass is applied to an object for aesthetic purposes and durability. Many such enameled ancient Egyptian and Chinese items remain perfectly intact after thousands of years. Cloisonné enamel is applied in moist powder form to the impressions made by our dies to fill letters, numerals, and designs and is then fired at 1500 degrees.

What can I customize on my badge?

Click here for all customizable options. For our customers protection, all orders must be in the form of a purchase order or an authorization on Department stationary.

How do I clean and care for my badge and badge accessories?

Do not polish your badge, cap piece, or other related product. These products are covered with a protective coating of clear baked enamel. To clean your Sun Badge metal products, use warm water and soap and a soft toothed brush. Do not use any abrasive on your Sun metal products. To clean your leather products,use the same products used for shoes or other similar leather products.

How does the custom design production process work?

Sun Badge Company has its own Graphics Art Department and will generate, when requested, renderings of your new product. These drawings will require your approval before we proceed with your custom die (s).

Who is responsible for the dies / tools / stamping / trimming / cutting?

Depending upon Department size, a set up charge may be billed at our cost. All dies or tools remain the property of Sun Badge Company and will be used for the exclusive production of our customers. Payment or a set up charge does not convey ownership. Once the custom die has been completed and depending upon Department size a prototype will be manufactured fro customer approval.

When will my badges be delivered?

You are assured of prompt service on every order, usually 8-12 weeks depending on the design intricacies.The custom nature of quality badge manufacturing is time consuming and all of our products are made to order.

What are the terms and conditions of sale?

It is the responsibility of the buyer, without any reservations, qualifications, or restrictions to ensure that any badge or other related product purchased from Sun Badge Company is used in compliance with all local, State and Federal laws or regulations.

What is the warranty?

Sun Badge Company manufactures its products to a single high quality standard and offers a “LIFETIME”warranty against the detachment of safety catches, joints, posts, panels, and seals or the discoloration of the cloisonné enamels. Our clear baked enamel coating is warranted to protect your badge, cap piece, belt buckle or other related product from any discoloration for one (1) year. We guarantee against any other manufacturing defects for a one (1) year period. The warranty period begins from the date of the original invoice and applies to “NORMAL” wear and tear.

A Message from the President

Sun Badge Company has been in business since the late 50s. During these past sixty years and into the future our vision remains the same: provide our customers with the very best product, service, delivery, and price. To accomplish this Sun Badge Company uses the finest materials available, we maintain high quality standards, strive to meet your delivery requirements, and continue to add new technology and methods to improve our products and prices with continued high quality.

Sun Badge Company continues to add new products, additional services, and more importantly we listen to you, our customer.

Since our inception, we have experienced steady growth and believe that our customers are primarily responsible for our success today. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patronage, referrals, product ideas, the friendships, and your tremendous professionalism.

On behalf of the entire Sun Badge Company team, we look forward to serving you and your departments needs in the future.

Chris Hamilton President, Sun Badge Company